Battery storage can support your solar PV system by allowing you to:

  • Install a larger solar PV system
    • Many electricity networks only allow a 5 kW single-phase solar PV installation
    • Batter storage can enable 100% solar PV consumption
  • Store your excess solar PV generation
    • Most retailers only pay a fraction of the retail price
    • Retailers are expected to pay less over time due to excess supply
  • Use your solar PV during a power outage:
    • By law, stand-alone solar PV systems must shut down
    • Not all battery systems are capable of this

Maximising the above benefits from battery storage requires:

  • System Integration – The battery and solar PV system must work as a single unit
  • Right sizing your system – Avoid over or under-sizing either component
  • Value-for-money pricing – Avoid paying too much or for the wrong kind of battery storage
  • Smart charging – Smart charging is essential to getting the most value out of your battery
  • Supportive retail tariffs – Ensure you are on the best retail tariff for saving money with storage
  • Industry service contracts – Access to industry rebates and incentives is essential

The ideal battery storage solution, pricing, retail tariff and industry contracts will depend upon your specific circumstances, including whether you would benefit from a financing solution.

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Based on the results of our assessment, Empower will identify the optimal solution for you.

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For more information about our Australian designed and manufactured battery storage system, the ElektroBank, click here.

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